Tuesday, September 11, 2012

PVL - Poster, Video & Lessons

So today started a grand experiment in creating useful Web 2.0 info for my math courses - where the students do the creating.

I started my Senior Math students today on their first of ~30 topics where they need to create a PVL (a poster, a video and a lesson).  As a group we discussed the value for them - review and creating something they can reference, the value for me -- student oriented material, and the value for the school -- a library of material (schooltube & youtube).  They are starting with some basic algebra rules, formulas and then order of operations  (2 PVL topics 1) Rules/formulas  2) Order of Operations).

It was quickly obvious from our group discussion that students rarely read the text or review the book examples (unless assigned) - so that quickly became the focus of the poster and video (P & V).  As a group we were pulled to the idea of making something useful and accessible.  Comments like the poster idea is "like a cheat sheet," and "the video is the worked examples in the text" were common as we brainstormed what a PVL looked like.

Right now I am comfortable with both these ideas - it will be interesting to see what these students create.  The last struggle is what a lesson should like.  A lesson is to learn from (homework problems, follow along and try examples, etc.).  So the L part is still evolving, but we will start with PV part and see what we get....

Updates will follow....