Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Flipping classroom

So I just keep making videos - with my smartboard recorder, my flip cam and screen-o-matic.  I get some problems on the board and work thru them for students to have for reference.  I post them on youtube and schooltube.  The next step is to have students view the videos on review items that require attention.

Just tonight I did Midpoints and Distances for Geometry.  Nothing magical - just some examples and more info, trust me I know I stumbled while talking but the videos are out-there for students now and I have decided I cannot concern myself with quality of speech and production.  Only quality of concept and explanation -- though now I use it for the skill side of my classes.

I am excited - I am quickly approaching 50 videos on you tube.  That is actually a useful library.....
Now - to use the videos to individualize each students required review!

Technology is great.