Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Summer homework... You bet! Bath versus Shower dilemma!

So one of the things I have started in the last two years is giving homework over the summer to my Calculus and now this summer to my Pre-Calculus students.

The Calculus work is not exciting, review so we can start on true Calculus on day 1 and leave a lot or prep time for the AP test in May.  Fairly unexciting....  (Though it has worked well, about 15-20% of the Senior class takes Calculus and our passing the percentage the last 2 years has been 100%.)

But this year I also assigned Pre-Calculus homework and used Dan Meyer's idea on Shower vs Bath.  (Which is cheaper a shower or bath?)  I think the summer project will work great.  I get to contact them a couple of weeks prior to school and get them thinking about math and "prime the pump" on things we will do.

Since this is my first year with Bath vs shower project I am unsure how well this project will work, but I hope to use it as an exercise in functions and how we can use functions to really map real world things.

Here are the google docs I used, the first is the letter/e-mail, the second is Dan Meyer's modified sheet.

Shower vs Bath e-mail

Shower vs Bath Guide Sheet

Finally remember - as the only math teacher these students are accustom to the lack of detail and theses types of projects (the lack of details is sort of on purpose - cause the world is like that) and I am excited to see where the students will take their work.....