Monday, August 6, 2012

National Board Certifiacation - Is it worth it?

Recently I have been reading and deciding whether to do National Board Certification for Teachers (NBCT).  I really want to be the best educator I can be but is it possible in a small school with 8 preps to accomplish the work for the NBCT?  (and not have your family regret it...)

Is this a goal that is worth chasing -- I am not sure anyone in my little area cares whether I have NBCT, I think I would like to do it for myself though.  There is a financial reward - a 10 yr grant $2500 per year, and the cost is $2500 and there may be or may not be scholarships to help with that initial cost.  But the money really does not motivate me on this question of whether to pursue NCBT. It is the idea that this will make me a better educator and will give my students more opportunity.

I think the question I want to know is - Does it really make me a better teacher?  Can I really accomplish it with so many preps? and Can I accomplish it using the ancient materials we have at my school in math?  All my materials are over 10 years old (but as I posted before I don't think after seeing new books that something "better" is around).

This is a big question for me that I need to really think about.  If there was a local network of teachers working on it I may be more willing, but the thought of doing this NBCT work with on-line support and no local support is really an unappealing thought.

This is not a question I will answer today or tomorrow but I will decide prior to month's end -- I either give it my all or nothin at all.....