Friday, August 10, 2012

I'm Presenting -- ACT Conference - Wisconsin 2013

Really happy to tell everyone that I will be presenting at the 2013 ACT Conference in Middleton, Wisconsin on Feb 7th, 2013.  I just received a call to quickly review my proposal and get the details.

The presentation will be similar to the Wisconsin Math Council (WMC) presentation I made this past May (Prezi Link).
This presentation for ACT is:

Improving Math ACT Scores/Aligned-by-Design - Small School Update;

Description: College & Career Readiness by yourself, hear from a small school teacher (single math teacher in HS) about how he is using Aligned-by-Design & ACT standards/ideas into existing curriculum to improve Math ACT scores.

This part of my teaching is me trying to find a balance between big idea/big problems/understanding concepts and the need for precision on skills.  Out of 220 minutes I have per week I give 40-50 minutes to the quizzing and review of ACT skills (~20%).  

I really believe understanding is critically important but my students also need mastery of basic Algebra & Geometry skills so they are ready for college & career.  I want none of my students to have to take remedial math in college or tech school.

There is a happy medium between large skill projects and enough recursive practice to make sure the skills are mastered upon graduation.  (Remember - if you don't use it you lose it.)

So -- Yippie!