Thursday, February 20, 2014

Math Meet!

Every year for the last six years Juda hosts a conference math meet (could say I do).  The first meet was a ton of work, and it is still quite a few hours - especially creating keys.   This post stared as just a break from the hours of making solutions three nights ago.  It is always a lot of work - but it always works out well.  I think this something every conference should do - it is a great way to do mathematics - to celebrate academics.

The meet ran yesterday and was a really nice time.  Our small school of about 95 students, had about 205 mathletes doing problems.  It is a fun math day.

The hardest part is creating the tests.  With that knowledge I would offer anyone who wants help with getting tests made for their first year.  I am willing to help whoever get this running in their school and/or area.  It is a fun day for my students and the other conference schools. 

For me it is just chance to tie what we do in class, to something outside of class.