Friday, February 28, 2014

Big day in small school math meet

So the Six Rivers East Conference Math Meet happened last week.  And it was a big day in our small school conference.  All the schools have enrollments in the High School from 95 (that's Juda!) to about 140ish. (that is 9 thru 12 total, not per grade).   The teams are set up to be large - each team is 16 students (8 Juniors/Senios & 8 Freshmen/Sophomores) - and I encourage teachers to get everyone and anyone interested to the meet.

This year, out of the 7 conference schools, we had 14 total teams -- or double the number of schools in our conference.  That is a big deal.  And while my school had more than a few teams (53 students did it), lots of the schools had 2 teams this year.  Math is contagious!

Instead of only getting around 100 students doing math for the day, we nearly had 200 students doing math for the day.  Reviewing answers, talking strategies - and just having fun with math.  Some of the students who participated only expect to get 1 or 2 right out of the 20 problems they see and that is okay, because everyone's math journey is along their own timeline. 

It shows that reasonable expectations and passion sell. It shows that everyone can be part of the fun and festivals tied to a math meet. 

It was a good math day.

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