Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Math Team Season

So I am really excited, the first (and only in this area) math meet is happening at UW-Platteville in a couple of weeks.  I am big believer that everyone can be part and this year over 1/2 of the High School has signed up.  Right now it is 52 out of 92 about 56%.

We practice during lunch as a group and support each other on the team; all the while setting individual expectations and experiencing a great, fun, off-site math day.  Some students are there to do their best and hope to get 1 out of 10, while others are going for a perfect score.  We all go -- I have a "lead" team but everyone works and plays together and we celebrate the day together.

And this works, I am actually able to use the math meet as a carrot for students not completing work or struggling.  (Can't take a student on math team that cannot finish homework, etc.)

Students will follow their leaders, so I get the student leaders on my side.  It is slow process that has taken years...  But I really feel we are reaping the rewards now.