Thursday, October 4, 2012

Jim Wright -- Response to Intervention (RtI)

So a couple of days ago my district sent me to see Jim Wright present in DeForest Wisconsin on RtI (response to intervention).  It was a good day, though Mr. Wright had a ton of material to cover meaning it was a lot of "lecture" versus time working on the concepts he showed.

The best thing was his website  It gives many tools for RtI from assessment to checklists to....  many things.  The site requires some time to work thru but the list generators are quick and fairly intuitive

Overall I felt like RtI is a lot of things I do and some things I didn't, but I did not document anything.  Now the goal is to document and follow thru, which is a good thing (gut-feel is no way to do anything)!  Because if we are not documenting and measuring are we really doing any long-term good?  It is a tough thing cause it adds another thing but I think once I get a "system" figured - how I attack, how I follow-thru, etc that things will be easier to manage.

And as I work at it - I remind myself - to help each student on their individual journey.