Saturday, October 20, 2012

Career Day Speaker

Had our first career day speaker at my school this past week.  It went well and I am excited that we are tying what we are doing to the world.  The importance of the skills learned in school and what happens after school.

We made a leap of faith and got some help from a retired teacher from our school to help set up the speaker and details, because when you work at small school you are just too busy for 1 more thing.  And we decided not to over-think it with the first speaker -- find someone willing and simply start.  Then modify -- get momentum, because if you wait for perfection you never start.

We learned to make sure that the student are well advertised about the event prior (allowing thoughts about the career), make sure to provide an outline format stressing what you as a school want the speech to high-light (things that interest students) and finally have a dedicated person to work with the speaker the entire time (do not hand off between a couple of teachers even).

We also learned that students can and should be doing the introductions, tours, "small talk," etc.  And that a room of 40 is ok - but it needs to be kept small (a classroom with extra chairs versus a lab).

So we have started!  And it is exciting....  Now to line out the process using students and our website to make it "easy."