Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Homework in 2013, changing what I do -- how to keep the class "high-level"

So I posted some of the things I am working on with respect to homework before and I am still trying to figure out the last part.  The last part was how to get my students the practice they need and have it be more like 2013 versus 1985, which I previously posted as:

Finally the workbook/text book combo.  I am currently looking for ways to move low level things out of my class (by flipping, out of class reading/note taking, etc) and doing a combo of text reading (needed for college) and ....

So I have been trying to figure out what this workbook/text combo idea looks like and how it fits into my classroom.  The more I work at it, the more I lean towards flipping the classroom and having problems completed in class.  I still remain quite unsure of how it will work but have located a resource.

I have been following the FIZZ ideas for how to flip (about style of video, content, etc) and have basically completed their entire first module, I am actually now applying but either way I am again moving forward with their ideas.

I like it because it has that teacher touch, my students taking instruction from me.  It also makes me really think about what I am teaching, how I will integrate and follow up on.  There are plenty of details but I have upload my first couple of videos (fractions, classify triangles by angles and/or sides) and they are better than my previous ones I feel - so it is progress!  With school only 3 weeks away I now have a path (at least).

Again - no more 1985.....