Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Math Mob Monday is here! April 7th

So the idea I was considering is becoming a reality!  Math Mob Monday will happen in a few days, Monday, April 7th!  We are filling the desks and showing our parents and our community what we are doing in our room.

So my class has invited (or coerced) adults to fill our room, we are starting with Algebra 1 (an afternoon course).  The plan is to do a lot of review (mainly first order equations, PEMDAS), introduce a new lesson, have my students be helpers, etc. and get the parents/community members right into the thick of it!

I am excited - if you want to come contact the office and get on the list!  Only 14 spots total and 4 are taken already!

We are gonna have some fun, it is also important for everyone to see how and what we are doing!  I will try and post how it goes.