Sunday, January 5, 2014

Having a Booth at WASB Convention in 2 weeks!

Now that Juda School has installed solar and became a national finalist in the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow (SFT) contest - one of the big things we are trying to accomplish is the idea that reducing your carbon footprint as a school (installing solar, etc) is not some sort of huge endeavor that cannot be accomplished.  Every school can do this.  It takes tenacity, time and some leg work, but it is something most schools can accomplish - and I believe - it can be done by students.

And real world projects is what we need to be trying to achieve!  But a road map is really needed for schools and teachers.

That is why I was so excited Friday when the WASB (Wisconsin Association of School Boards) offered to give the Juda Physics students a booth at their Forward Together convention this month.  The staff at WASB was extremely helpful, and now we will be able to showcase our project - as the Samsung SFT StateWinner.

And it helps the students with a big part of our SFT goal(s).  We wanted to show other schools and communities that green projects can be done, there is payback and ways to help reduce a school's carbon footprint.  And now we have the chance to showcase our project, ourselves and our ideas in a building where nearly all of Wisconsin's adminstrators will be for two days.  We should see board members, principals, administrators - it is the chance to meet the people that really can help get our message back to their schools.  We will be handing out DIY packages is the plan!  {If you want a DIY package of our project (a "lesson plan")  please just message me and I will get you a copy once it is done!}

Ahhhhh - another really good day!  Now the challenge to gather all of our materials by January 22nd!