Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Flipping pains - still moving forward

So as I try to flip my room I find some small problems and I myself to be a problem.

So one of the issues I am having is trouble with internet and students adapting to watching videos for homework.  In our rural community some students do not have access to reliable internet, so as an instructor I must be prepared to give multiple days for assignments (just have to adapt my plans).  I also must do a better job of checking that they do the videos (notes).

I have always found checking homework to be a task.  Sometimes I collect it or check it at the desk, or just tell the students that it will wait for the next day.  I know some homework has value, but the class time is always more valuable - but the videos are a higher priority.  They need to be watched prior to the class time to be really effective and that means my attitude must evolve.   But as your typical cro magnon man I find that difficult.

I need to keep focus - but all the preps wear on you.  The main thing is that I take small steps - if I keep small stepping the flipping will eventually get there.