Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Math Team -- Math Meet

So I am writing this post over 2 days. Currently it is the eve of the Tri-State Math Meet at UW-Platteville.  I am excited about taking my students on a "fun" off campus math experience.  This year I have 54 out of the 92 in the High School attending -- I am sure a couple will not make school for some reason but it is a great thing.  I have an excitement about math going.  (It also does not hurt that we have done well in the small school division (Division 4) for 4 straight years)

Some have asked if I am nervous about the meet, and I presume they mean winning it.  And I really don't worry about it.  I just want to make sure each individual student takes pride in what they do, how they do it and enjoys themselves.  My biggest worry is someone not having fun.  I also believe that we just keep doing our thing and the right thing happens, all runs end.  But making sure the students see math as something more than problems in a book is important (even though a math meet is not all that different - it is different).

So - when asked do you think you will win?  I reply that some students should do well and that I think we will place....  I believe it shows we have a strength, any day, any given test can give slightly different results - but I just want the students to feel good about their efforts and support each other and we do that  well.

My plan is to continue this post, tomorrow or Thursday discussing the day......

So it is Wednesday night and I just came home from the meet and we had a great day.  There was a bus and a van of students applying, thinking and doing math.  The day started and ended well with Juda placing 2nd overall in our division.   It is impressive that year in and year out these kids take the time to work at the math and the way they support one another is great.  I really enjoyed today and I am looking forward to our next meet in the spring.